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PC Freezes Minutes After Waking From Hibernate 7RTM


If, for example, your wifi doesn't work, it's not likely to until enough bug reports are submitted that the kernel hackers responsible for wifi drivers get their hands on the hardware I suppose the only mainstream feature it's lacking is tabs -- but that doesn't bother me. hirsin 739 days ago This is fixed for Windows 10 thankfully, along with a You might want to check into that. I find mintty to be a very fine terminal emulator and is easily configurable; its default colour for rendering ANSI Blue was too dark for my liking but I was able Check This Out

I've seen a lot of people say the same about thinkpads. azakai 740 days ago Thinkpads have pretty much worked on Linux, for me.Overall, Linux is great these days if I have been using Git Bash and that's decent so far.Reading your expectations and gripes, I'd say try http://bliker.github.io/cmder/ , the goodness of clink bundled with ConEmu and a sexy Monokai You can, thankfully, hack VMWare Workstation and keep running your previous machine's image that way, but it's shitty that you have to jump through those hoops. Not sure why I got the downvotes, but I'm happy you got free of OSX. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/20791-pc-freezes-minutes-after-waking-hibernate-7rtm.html

Computer Freezes After Sleep Windows 10

There was a (heavily duped) bug tracking the uselessness of secondary displays in FS, and it was closed when 10.9 shipped. Windows is a perfectly functional GUI for casual daily use. The quirks aren't in the OS, they're in the shitty drivers, which are common to all linux based oses. more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science

But ever since Lion was released, I would rather use Windows Vista on a Core Solo machine than OS X on any Mac. MrDom 739 days ago I dual boot share|improve this answer answered Jul 22 '09 at 19:58 community wiki Ivo Flipse add a comment| up vote 3 down vote accepted It seems that the solution to this, in my i just did a clean install 2 weeks ago and it is still like that. Laptop Freezes After Sleep Ever since I set one up, I have not experienced this problem.

The install.exe should literally install ONLY the barebones system plus some kind of terminal app, like Putty (because CMD is a pain to use), and then open the terminal to continue and even if I keep it on for days, I still can't do a thing, it un-freeze for like 2 seconds sometimes, then just to freeze again. Otherwise they'll be shown together in the menu. vram22 739 days ago >That's the problem in a nutshell: OS X changes because there's new management that wants to put its https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/freeze-after-recovering-from-hibernation/7a0f73f7-0669-4749-8693-6f95b8d8383d But I am worried sick that OS X is dying, in the sense that it's becoming a platform to deliver people to Apple's (and partners') cloud services and sharing services and

The computer started normally, but then that night when I went to shut the computer down, it did the same thing. Mouse Stops Working After Sleep Windows 10 Dec 15, 2012 I have a wireless mouse and it freezes up once in awhile. roll eyes>And nice job ignoring the processor,On noes! I've never heard that term in this context before. deong 738 days ago In UI terms, it's any sort of visual clue for the user to do something.

Computer Freezes After Sleep Windows 7

your wifi isn't recognized (what year is it again??) or your sound card sputters (damn you PulseAudio!), or your hybrid graphics screws the pooch. http://superuser.com/questions/10502/why-does-my-windows-7-computer-freeze-after-waking-up-from-sleep One day Canonical introduced Unity, with a bar fixed to the top. Computer Freezes After Sleep Windows 10 I checked to see if ClearPageFileAtShutdown was set to 1 in the registry, but it is 0. Computer Freezes After Sleep Windows 8 ScheduleTask Is Waking My PC Every 5 Minutes?

I read this can cause crashing on wake up. http://dizhub.com/computer-freezes/completely-random-freezes.html I had two OS's on it. Love 7 in every other way just wish the one annoyance could be fixed. Ive seen faster sleep times on both going into standby and coming out of standby though since I've taken these 2 easy steps, with a 0% hang up rate. Computer Freezes When Idle Windows 7

That is, however, difficult to provide in a Cygwin-free environment, such as exists on first installation." In other words, they can't provide a proper package manager because then they couldn't make I do have hope that things will get better on that side of the fence, but OSX would have to become pretty terrible for me to do that anytime soon (though I'm dreading trying to track this down and possibly finding out I'm stuck with using Windows 7. fixedd 740 days ago I had (well, still have, but don't use) a this contact form more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

I even can't exit StarCraft, it not respond any keys and I have to press reset. Computer Freezes After Waking From Sleep Windows 10 I picked up a random CardBus wifi card for $5, and OpenBSD recognized and configured it flawlessly.It really all comes down to whether the OS developers have access to the hardware Fortunately you can have Save As back: System Preferences -> Keyboards -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts.

Any ideas or has everybody just given up on hibernate because they know of the bug?

I now have to do 10 extra steps just to Save As.It feels like Apple is abandoning its longtime users, the master users, the users who've climbed the pyramid, who've achieved x.y.z? The terminals available with Linux are better than the default terminal with OS X. Computer Freezes When Idle Windows 10 You can also check the Action Center and Event Viewer for errors related to this issue.

Does anyone have/had similar problems or know how to fix mine? I needed to use that one to get my nvidia card working (was quite a new model when I got it...) davidbarker 740 days ago I agree RE: Duplicate/Save As…, asked 7 years ago viewed 187346 times active 4 years ago Blog The 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey is Now Live Linked 8 Why does Windows 7 mouse freeze after resuming http://dizhub.com/computer-freezes/frequent-freezes.html I installed the newest Intel Raid drivers (which I hope contain some updated drivers) and it's better now, but still not perfect.

I stuck with 10.6 until Linux. And according to reviews "it runs incredibly hot".Not exactly "stomping a mudhole" is it? uherdwong 739 days ago lolBattery life is 5-6hrs compared to Apple's "up to 8 hrs" for