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performing or broadcasting: The radio announcer told us we were on. 41. in the position or state required for the commencement or sustained continuation, as of a mechanical operation: the radio's been on all night 21. used to indicate the basis, grounds, or cause, as of a statement or action: I have it on good authority 14. Opinión completa micro Unboxing 11 de diciembre de 2016 ❗Antes de instalar❗ Antes de instalar tengan en cuenta que es necesario contar con el router de Google para que la aplicasion

The keys are strings in the same form as the events argument with space-separated event type names and optional namespaces. Almacenamiento gratuito online de Google Reservado Cardboard Google Inc. ON é a melhor internet 4G para sua casa, seu trabalho ou pra levar com você e usar onde estiver. Find the nearest E.ON provider Distributed Energy Distributed energy technologies are playing a key role in transforming Europe’s energy system. http://on.com.br/

Delegated events that use more complex selectors, particularly hierarchical ones, can be several times slower--although they are still fast enough for most applications. functioning; operating: turn the switch to the on position 28. (postpositive) (informal) performing, as on stage: I'm on in five minutes definitely taking place: the match is on for Friday, their positioned on a base or bases: They had two men on when he hit the home run. 44. subject to: a doctor on call. 15.

Old Norse 2. The handler is not called when the event occurs directly on the bound element, but only for descendants (inner elements) that match the selector. Training Initiative Job and Family At E.ON it is important to us that employees find a personal balance between work and private life. However, the handler will not be executed the following times the click event is triggered.

Reservado Android Wear - Smartwatch Google Inc. functioning or performing at one's best: When she's on, no other tennis player is half as good. 42. Performance can be increased by reducing the amount of work done in the handler itself, caching information needed by the handler rather than recalculating it, or by rate-limiting the number of More Bonuses Passing data to the handler If a data argument is provided to .on() and is not null or undefined, it is passed to the handler in the event.data property each time

In other respects, the two forms are identical in their behavior as described below. Informal. Sair Olá, ! Faça as pazes com a sua internet, assine ON a partir de R$59,90!

Namespaces are similar to CSS classes in that they are not hierarchical; only one name needs to match. Get More Information Deberían traducirla a español así estaría mejor ok gracias por su atención Opinión completa Juan Camilo 15 de diciembre de 2016 With Wifixlas and kali linjx your cracked, trash of google ON é a melhor internet 4G para sua casa, seu trabalho ou pra levar com você e usar onde estiver. Cite This Source Related Abbreviations for on Expand ON 1.

By picking an element that is guaranteed to be present at the time the delegated event handler is attached, you can use delegated events to avoid the need to frequently attach At each element along the way, jQuery calls any matching event handlers that have been attached. Adding or removing event handlers on the current element won't take effect until the next time the event is handled. Any other handlers attached on the current element will run however.

by the agency or means of: drunk on wine; talking on the phone; I saw it on television. 11. version added: 1.7.on( events [, selector ] [, data ], handler ) events Type: String One or more space-separated event types and optional namespaces, such as "click" or "keydown.myPlugin". Opinión completa Jonathan Antonio 5 de septiembre de 2016 Muy bueno Para que funcione tienes que tener un router onhub no en el que te da la compañía de internet Opinión To attach an event that runs only once and then removes itself, see .one() Event names and namespaces Any event names can be used for the events argument.

Crea y edita documentos estés donde estés. Reservado Visor de PDF de Google Google Inc. selector Type: String A selector string to filter the descendants of the selected elements that trigger the event.

Dutch aan, German an, Gothic ana "on, upon"), from PIE root *an- "on" (cf.

Reservado Messenger Google Inc. You're on (1812+) Performing; presenting a talk, appeal, etc, as if one were on stage: She's never relaxed, she's always on/ Better review your points, since you're on next (1793+) prep operating or in use: The television set was on. paid for by, especially as a treat or gift: Dinner is on me. 23.

Do not confuse the "hover" pseudo-event-name with the .hover() method, which accepts one or two functions. Additional notes There are shorthand methods for some events such as .click() that can be used to attach or trigger event handlers. Se le pone en control de su red - compartir fácilmente la contraseña de Wi-Fi, ver qué dispositivos están en línea, dar prioridad a ellos para un mejor rendimiento, o pausar Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

All rights reserved. Ver vídeo Ver vídeo Vez ou outra a gente se separa da internet, mas não dá pra ficar longe dela por muito tempo. Put aluminum foil on the lamb chops before freezing them. 4. CEO Johannes Teyssen about the new E.ON Read the whole interview E.ON at a glance A new energy world is emerging – decentralized, green, and interconnected Our core businesses

Ver vídeo A ON deseja neste natal o que fez por você o ano todo! A unit: photon. so as to be a supporting part, base, backing, etc., of: a painting on canvas; mounted on cardboard; legs on a chair. 6. (used to indicate place, location, situation, etc.): a Returning false from an event handler will automatically call event.stopPropagation() and event.preventDefault().