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Win 7 & BlackArmor HDDs. Anybody Else Have A Problem?


Get your linux-fu going and try to recover the data yourself. how will we ever find out the solution to this problem if you give in so easily? 2010-03-12 15:22:43 by DoomSought: Try moving it (the hard drive) to a different computer, Joe Feb 20 2012, Joseph Swingler Thank you. I lost my NTFS partition last week after Win7 "blue screened" while I burning a cd. check over here

Now all we need to do is head back to our windows machine and fire up the iSCSI initiator as admin. Sep 21 2014, Виктор Dear Sirs, Grivas S.A is a Greek company based in Athens and has been established in the market for 25 years. As of now, nobody has done this laborious work (forward port Seagates h/w-specific patches, compile and test the kernel) - This modification has been tested on a BA220 with fw 2000.0631. The only problem I encountered was that the initial default IP address of the NAS unit was not supplied and it took quite a bit of experimenting to finally communicate with

External Hard Drive Randomly Disconnects

The system rebooted after 100%. The other draw back of a Live CD is that if you need to reboot or you lose power you need to re-do everything as nothing is saved. I occasionally have permission problems with my Netgear ReadyNAS when connected via SMB, but I can usually beat it into submission this way. Is there an equivalent SATA > USB harness that I could use within Linux to view the contents of Drive 1 of my array?

Thanks in advance. Using External HD through esata Late 2003-era eSATA OK for new SATA HD? Can you telnet into the drive? Seagate Blackarmor Nas 220 Replace Hard Drive I any case I'll add a pointer in the article to this.

Thank you. Recently it has started dropping out about once a week with no indication why in the event viewer. Is it possible to copy the LUN files to some other computer and try to mount them from there? other Update 2010-03-16 NAILED IT.

Not sure if this is part of the issue, but either way. Sata Hard Drive Disconnects If there's a better way I didn't have the patience to find it. 2010-03-02 00:36:41 by col: ps: if you copy the file to another physical drive can you delete that In my case, the lost volume was rebuilt in a few seconds and i got all my data restored. Reply Chris says: January 28, 2015 at 2:31 pm Thank you so much for this article and the details.

Internal Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting

Absolutely stunning :) Dec 19 2013, Dean Ward R-Studio! It may be that whatever caused this problem was fixed in a later version. 2010-03-07 05:03:11 by nix: use a linux live CD and get it done RIGHT. External Hard Drive Randomly Disconnects I didn`t give up hope and came across R-Studio. Seagate Blackarmor Nas 440 Factory Reset If yes, ignore me.

Turn the computer off and put the HD back into the NAS enclosuer9. http://dizhub.com/hard-drive/problem-with-renaming-a-remote-hard-drive.html About a year ago (after I’d used the BA NAS for about three years) the drive in Bay 3 failed. So I purchased R-Studio and the result was perfect :-) Thanks a lot!Best regards from Germany Mar 05 2012, ulrich scholz (ulrich scholz design) After working till 2am two days in Well the data, but you get the drift! Seagate Blackarmor Nas 110 Orange Light

Other data recovery software was not able to even read the MBL data partition. WTF??? Same as above. this content Seagate and Maxtor GPL Open Source Downloads: http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.jsp?locale=en-US&name=gpl&vgnextoid=02d819e56cdee010VgnVCM100000dd04090aRCRD 10.1 Ethernet status ~ $ hexdump /proc/net/wix_tool 0xB -> 1011 -> link up, 100MBit/s full duplex ethernet connection bit0: 1=link up 0=link down

CN4 9|-X-0-|10 7|-0-0-|8 5|-0-X-|6 3|-0-X-|4 1|-X-0-|2 Pin 1 - TX Pin 4 - RX Pin 6 - GND Pin 9 - VCC 3.3V Baud rate 1152009. Freeware Linux Reader For Windows I love WD but I'm sick of this issue and no one fessing up to the issue. I read a brief article about your software and purchased it directly from your site.


I'm going to try them in one of my other computers soon so perhaps I'll get a few answers that way. THANK YOU R-TOOLS! WD tools did not help. Hdd Disconnecting Itself Password Advanced Search Show Threads Show Posts Advanced Search Go to Page...

I talked to Seagate numerous times and they appeared to think that this "disjoining and rejoining" was an acceptable reality I shouls just live with. And I promise that this was the last time that I have had bought a external device from Seagate because there is no way for TFTP or any other way else If for the items in Group or user names you do not see Full control Allowed, you will not be able to delete the file. http://dizhub.com/hard-drive/formatting-problem-on-secondary-drive.html Vista 64.

Put drive (USB 2.0 1TB) back on the R7000 and have not had this particular problem again.I do have two specific Media Server problems though.I did report this to Netgear with Thanks for your article! I paid much more for a different product, which didn`t retrieve any files. I also ran HDD Regenerator, but that didn't help neither.

First installed it with apt-get install fuseext2 Then I typed: fuseext2 -o ro -o sync_read /dev/mapper/vg8-lv8 /mnt Then I was able to access the files by typing: cd /mnt ls I With free version you just can restore files <2kbytes. So i started re-creating the same shared folders as there were before. Reply Jason Mitchell says: January 6, 2016 at 5:35 am Another, related problem has begun to appear with this product.

Otherwise you'll get weird errors about missing dependencies. - Suggested additional Debian packages: nfs-kernel-server samba vsftpd iscsitarget - Do not *upgrade* the Debian system. Thanks so much--you have a great product! You're not in a position to take the drive out and connect it via sata? But when my main drive failed it must of done something to the mbr on the other drives and then drive image said my backups had a problem all 4 of

same problem after a time of between 10 mins and 10 hours the drive seems to go to sleep and then wont reconect, have to cycle the esata external power switch Thank you again...this definately was a lifesaver!!!! I also think of all those poor people whose posts I have read on the internet who lost all their data (or at least thought they did) because they never got Bottom line is this: You can set Full control (which does enable file deletion.) HOWEVER, as soon as you press the Apply button, the Full controls are immediately erased and you

Install OpenMSS on the NAS. 2. I recently had some problems with 2 disks configured as hardware IDE stripe. If you're lucky, your array will be working after a reboot.