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Disk Management display of partitions.

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Occasional BSOD when I get home to PC

Is the Windows 7 firewall "good enough"?

After messing with msonfig

New SSD and settings causing PC to wake immediately after Sleep

Bluetooth is missing from control panel

windows firewall? OR

BSOD when trying to install Win 10 nvlddmkm

Recovery disc !

Memory Management Error

I install to drive R: but start menu items continually point to C:

Unable to install Win7 on my new PC

tried to install upgrade

BSOD - randomly

Does Sysprep Copy profile work or not?

New laptop - Clean install? Or use some of the bundled software?

Windows Updates (5/10/2016) - Most failed to install. Reason?

Frequently Used Programs in Start Menu

Random Freezes and Hangs

BSOD at idle multiple times in last week keyword 0x8000000000000002

Only trusted installer access - change

I caused Windows Explorer to disappear

EXE file icon missing

Taskbar Problems

BSOD when opening Photoshop

Reset display settings for a monitor that is not plugged in?

How Can the System Drive Become a Different Than The Boot Drive?

Pioneer DVRKD08L Nonresponsive after installing Windows 7

Windows 10 Tried to Download.I need to remain at Win7

PC occasionally freezes and I have no idea why

SFC /scannow Disables Windows mail

Windows 7 Deselects from active window that im using

Computer Constantly Crashes since installing Windows 7

windows 7 bugcheck

HELP! random !BSOD

Hibernate Resume Problem


Build 7048 WMP won't play midi files

After clean install random things crash when opened specific way

Realtek HD Audio Manager: Device has been plugged/unplugged issue

Clean Reinstall Fail

Setting up Win7 on Raid 0

Very slow Seven 32bit and unable to install updates

BSOD c. once a day

No System Audio After MOBO Upgrade

Windows Desktop won't load after most recent update

Desktop and Start button shortcuts Not working

Photo Screensaver - file id

Windows 10 upgrade ready - blocking system

desktop composition off. change the titlebar color!

Random BSOD's

Screensaver Freezing

Driver issue

Downgrading to Windows 7

Upgrade stuck at 41%

How to go about upgrading comp. do i need to reformat?

Windows is pretty slow

Taskbar sometimes disappears

Is there such a tool to reset regisrty files?

Apparently random Win7 lockup and freezes.

USB inop after software install/uninstall

eliminating space between icon and taskbar?

ATI RADEON 9600Series Crashes as I install Catalyst CC and Latest Driv

BSoD only surfing and idle - not gaming

BSOD when running any torrent program

windows shut down too long

Start Menu / Explorer lag

Windows Update Risk and Internet connection slow

customize windows explorer navigation bar

Disk Check Won't Run

Problems after updating to 64 bit OS

How do I group non-grouped applications in the taskbar?

Cannot right click any windows explorer items.

computer messed up after crash

System Hangs after ~ 5-10 minutes after Windows Update

Sound on desktop stopped working; see repair attempts

win7 locks up installing ITUNES

Printer driver not available in Windows Update

System and update issues

the updates are always problem for my pc

BSOD running Kodi

Brightness settings stop working after hibernation or sleep Windows 7

Dual Booting problems with Ubuntu

several minute delay when deleting any .exe file?

Problems after install

problem when installing

Taskbar annoyance

Add entry to boot?

hang/freeze with weird mouse cursor issue

BSOD everytime i 'install something or try and update windows (iastor)

PC Not Closing Down Properly

Computer keeps randomly freezing after successful installation

Windows crash (BSOD without BSOD) nVidia

Item icons stay on desktop even after being deleted or moved.

Windows 10 I screwed up

Screens freeze without BSOD

User account duplicate on Desktop

Resource device no longer available error code 0x80070037

How can I change windows menu options with registry

Removing a blank space from the Windows 7 Taskbar

My PC has been freezing/hanging intermittently since Thursday night.

Multiple monitors detected & utilised when only have 1

How do I fix search for file in windows explorer?

Windows 7 product key blocked

I want to post a batch file that removes unwanted updates

Bsod while downloading from torrents

How can I change wallpaper using a customized hotkey

Does Scheduled Defrags analyze the disk first?

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Moving Pictures to new HD on fresh install

Problem with video quality on dektop or game

BSOD randomly occuring between 9pm and 6am daily

Installed Chipset

Video folder crashes system

Windows10 Icon not visible - KB2952664 is installed but not installed?

Windows does not connect to the internet at startup

Windows failing to recognise printer

Reinstalling Boot Disc Not Working

No phsically shutdown since bitlocker encryption?

Windows is broken. Tweaked registry

Windows 10 On New Computer

UAC popup without sound

installing a New PID as OS found to be non-genuine

Search in menu start.

Windows 7/10 Dual Boot (BIOS

Abnormally lag between BIOS and Windows

Word Documents No Longer Opening From Shortcuts

Browser keeps asking what program to use

transferring 10

Random Freezes and BSODs

Slow boot time after forcing computer to shut down during back up

Startup program not running

Computer says I do not have permission

Security update keeps failing after Shutdown install.


Sharing Files between 2 computers on a network if one is in sleep mode

BSOD on gaming

How do I remove this 'resizer' area from the top of every Window?

Lenovo laptop suddenly could not recognize any USB

How do I remove a watermark from my desktop?

Windows 7 Starter blank/flickering display at startup

Some folders take to long time to "load".

No Aero Support on ATI mobility radeon 9800

Worth installing w10 on fresh ssd?

Getting randomly a BSOD

Dhcp issues and network connectivity issues since windows 7 x64 sp1

Windows 7 Install Crashing (No BSOD)

BSOD crashes nonstop

Windows no longer guenine after hardware crash

Windows 7 OEM vs Full

Windows fails to recognize recording/playback devices after updates


External drive - advised has errors - says to to run check disk

Taskbar gets stuck

Printers have quit working after WIN 7 REINSTALL

Disable Windows 7 "Dim" effect

audio breaks up/stops while typing

Automatic switch between Playback Devices

Desktop reset to default after each update

stop error when boot from disk

Dell Inspiron Upgrade Failing

Windows 7 File Explorer Nagging Issue

Network Adapters Not Working! HELP!

DXDiag crash everytime it does a DirectShow check

Newbie with HDD/SSD setup and slow computer

Consistent BSODS and Hard Freezes

Carrying-out a in-place install/upgrade

BSOD when I wake pc from sleep mode

BlueScreenView Found out my BSOD problem How do I take care of it?

Strange things happening to Win7 since Win10 came out

Random BSODs

Losing internet connection after 10 minutes to browsers. Please help!

Attempted to install ubuntu on windows 7 but now cannot reboot

How to change Windows 10 Borders Like Windows 7?

Delete ImageBackup

Carried out a windows update and lost everything! Please help

How to format before upgrade?

Wallpapers appearing at login screen?

Random BSOD crash

W7 desktop slideshow.not showing all my pics?

windows not loading on dual boot system

Easy change back folder & file permissions

Background locked to solid color

BSOD at start of the Windows as well as working with adobe application

Hibernation and Sleep Within a Power Plan

sudden choppy video

Install disk fails to boot into setup

Time messed up constantly


Win7 OS physical disk for repair?

BSOD getting more frequent. no apparent pattern to when it happens.

How to check that I have a Windows 10 license in Windows 7.

BSOD 0x00000109 Driver Issues?

Display Dimmin Issues

How to get licence from old HD that is not working properly

Sound setting problem. please help

Wireless Driver Enable & Disable itself

Try to fix some bug after partition seven/xp

Randon BSOD System_Service_Exception

Windows 10 changed my display?

Disable / Remove / Hide Left Pane to Start Menu

Computer screen black for 5 hours after System Restore.

Set delay for Hibernating from Sleeep

Homegroup issue.

Windows 10 team clarifies upgraded Seven license always retrievable

Sound Drivers for ADI1988

Cannot activate Windows

SFC cannot repair corrupt files

BSOD in windows 7 after failed windows 10 install

Bluetooth USB receiver causing startup & shutdown issues on Windows 7

Desktop windows lock up

Extra long shutdown

The device cannot be used for ReadyBoost.

Windows Can't Use Wireless Adaptor

Window 7 forever

Toshiba Satellite A355-S69253 trackpad driver not installing

Microsoft can't activate Win7 professional?

Endless Black Screen Instead of Rebooting During Installation

GPU timing out?

Windows 10 upgrade reverts back to Windows 7 Home Premium (previous OS

Audio Problems

activate windows - on 4 year old PC ?

BSOD and randon freeze

Just a lot of help needed on screen resolution

Can i make windows explorer look this way

Stupid anyoing keyboard layout change.

cant repair windows after being unplugged

Crashes and errors with Windows Update

device/printers icons

Repair Windows?

audio issue

Random BSOD - Probably driver issue

Windows 10 free upgrade compatability

Frustrating attempt to Repair Windows

Various BSOD errors

Random BSOD's and memchks performed on every system boot

BsoD error please check the dump file

Problem Installing

Crazy Touchpad after Upgrade to 7 on HP Pavilion dv5140us

Windows Explorer : Pinned folders are gone.

Can't enter shortcuts/commands when using windows search bar.

How can I remove a language pack from Add Input Language part?

Have to Log in Security Key after waking up from Sleep State.

Intermittent Application Freezing - Resolves itself in 2-5min

How to dual boot Windows 7 ON Windows 10

memory_corruption BSOD out of nowhere.

Getting BSOD's at random times

After last Microsoft update

Can't start or restore Dell PC

Search Box and Start Menu Problems

Windows excessive loading time on startup

BSOD Random Windows 7 Crash

Will I lose all of my files with upgrade?

Details in Windows Explorer and insanity

Auto switch to headphones from HDMI audio?

Vaio laptop crashed after recent update

Problems after windows update

Valid license key with no access to media

Windows Update broken on my laptop

Offline time equals Windows activation woes

User folders

Wireless Adapter won't work on windows 7 but will work on windows 10.

Lots of problems and can't re-install

Random crashes and display drive freeze

All themes have a yellow explorer background

wlan not present in device manager for acer aspire2920

Making the Taskbar Thinner on the Left Side

Help with BSOD Please?

Random BSOD any help/advice welcome

GPT partition has disappeared after enabling BitLocker

Can't make Windows Mail default email program

Computer Make Me MAD! BSOD & More.

Windows 10 free upgrade - Yay or OH NO!

can't play sound after reinstalling windows 7. plz help

Chipset drivers need updating?

minimized windows open and disappear

Wired Internet Problems

Using System File Checker with ASUS Image disks?

A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working corr

Quick Question: does SSD prevent driver/ win 7 OS files corruption?

Windows freezes shortly after startup

Endless Restart

AHCI Bios Setup for SSD?

Corrupt driver

Windows 10 back to Windows 7

Restoring Windows back up on my laptop

BSOD - NETIO.sys when running uTorrent and downloading.

What is RTM Build and where do you get it?

Can't Turn On WiFi And Ethernet Doesn't Work

Lost partition and user settings after update?

Computer rollback issue

BSoD Gaming

New applications opening under current window

Need help getting rid of second copy of my printer in device list

Problem installing printer driver 4printer connected&shared on othr pc

BSODs and freezes

When wake from sleep

Changing file options

Explorer.exe crash recent

No network or internet connection after upgrade

Slow performance on boot

audio can't be changed even when i change the volume slider

Network issues Windows 7 to Vista

Scanner and webcam unusable with Windows 7!

Win7 nagging update msg.

high dpc latency 3.8 seconds! ataport.sys intermittent a/v buzz/freeze

Are windows 7 and windows 10 really better than windows xp?

Computer won't boot properly after reverting from Windows 10

BSOD only when using Utorrent

New end of free Windows 10 upgrade offer notification

Upgrading from Professional to Enterprise?

Scared to update Windows 7 - Don't want Windows 10 at all

Administrator problem in Win7 Home Premium for certain programs

AHCI to Enable or Not?

Workgroup problems.

Laging DX9 Games

Quickly switching between Stereo/Quadraphonic speakers

Lock the Taskbar doesn't really lock it

Why upgrade to.?

Jumplists - how does frequent and recent work?

Adding Apps to Startup

Stop Error Code 0xc0000428

Not BSOD but freezing

Todays updates failed - Now stuck in a "boot loop?"

My Documents folder inadvertently renamed

HELP! PC fails at first initial boot (No Error on Windows Logs)

Can you switch PCs with an upgrade version?

Can I edit the Taskbar Menu?

CI.dll problem running updates after system restore

Window Border Line

Randomly Getting BSOD's. :(

Force grouping of similar programs in the taskbar.

Explorer/System Color Management

Still can't see image previews in folders?

no sound at all altough installed corectly

Issues when installing camera software.

User account safety problem

pc freeze need help with log

What are all these playback devices?

Any way to get vi like functionality on the windows command prompt?

Lots of files in a Folder - is it supposed to be slow?

Cannot get sound to play after clean install

Create backup image of clean install AND an updated?

Windows 7 Upgrade Option Question

Network card wakes computer from sleep mode.

CPU powers up at half speed (or less)

Periodic disk read usage spiking

Installed Game (Hitman 3) With Bootleg Cd And Windows Blocks Use. HELP

Processor usage is nil but still the program goes in not responding

change the color of the date/time in the systray

Netbios over TCP not working (Home group)

Win 7 Upgrade Install question

Windows Explorer selected file/folder highlighting color issue

Taskbar Buttons - Combine upon selection

New Core i5 Laptop is not that fast after start up

SSD full after fresh install?

Applications won't load

internet connection window

Taskbar Alligned Vertically Tweak?

New radeon 7700. Won't control my 2 screens

Bonjour Service blocking Itunes

Move items pinned on start menu closer together.

PCI Sound Card drivers not working

Sound stops playing after changing volume

Why does my system seem slow and restarts take 30 seconds?

Install windows 7 on a new HDD with just the old (dead) HDD's COA key?

win7 update wants to download win10 setup files

BSOD launching Skype

install problems with the screen

BSOD System_Service_Exception - 3 times in a week - no new hardware

How do I stop autohide taskbar from being autoticked?

Getting BSOD usually while downloading from torrent

Boot failure on UEFI system.

Display doesn't auto-refresh (sometimes)

Sound jumping from normal volume

Installation woes

Problems after installing win 10 and then rolling back to win 7

What is the cause of this corruption in the taskbar?

Completely reset HomeGroup

Re-imaging a HP 210 Netbook with Windows 7 Pro x64 edition

AMD System Set-up Issues

Can only see half of bottom icons

Avoid updating to win 10 - a good idea?

Computer doesnt work after PC crashed

BSOD during games

Choice of updates to install

boot up menu

SFC FAILURE; unable to upgrade/repair using Win7 disk

Voice audio is dim after Mic install

BSOD Playing Continuum.exe at Random times

how to return to default layout windows explorer

BSOD Playing Skyrim - And During Other Random Events

All USB ports don't recognized usb drives but do see other devices

I cannot install printers anymore

No sound (High definition audio device)

Office 2010 conflict with Office 2007

About REGSVR32.exe errors and how to use it.

Computer will not load past windows splash screen.

0xc000000e - Partition Table Repair - corrupted F:\windows

BSOD browsing + Daily freezes

Can Windows 10 be installed on a portable USB hard disk?

Cant boot into x64 setup USB

How do I disable sticky borders in windows

Windows Search Woes

Strange icons problem

BSOD after sleep?

Modify Taskbar Left-Click Behavior

Windows 7 Home Basic install questions

Network and Sharing is using Wireless adapter instead of ethernet

Windows 7 Update interrupted

Windows 10 Update from Windows 7

Screensaver not working in sleep mode

SSD problems in AHCI mode

Changing taskbar font color / icons?

too many crash win7 is a disaster.

Crashes during updates.

Win 7 downgrade gone wrong

dual booting DOS - fire panel software

Video and Sound Freeze / Temporarily Fixed by reboot

No text/cannot launch windows

Can't boot to Windows. HDD failure?

Sound settings reset after reboot

BSOD unexpectadly while doing light use

Windows Will Not Activate!

Permissions on a home media network setup

Is my HP Pavillion too dated to upgrade to win7

Installing an older build over current installation

Random BSOD and application crashes

Windows 7 colour problems

Accessing windows installation after MBR was deleted

sound drive prob

Anyone recommend good software for reading Linux Partitions?

Clean Install Vs Image install

How to put the computer in sleep mode without the screen going locked

Cannot connect to wireless network- no conections are available.

Problem with installing

BSOD Apps randomly crash?

Cannot type password on my logon screen

Can't share network with firewall on

Trouble connecting to secured network?

cmd box and error at every turn on or reboot need help please!

Transfer OS from old 64gb ssd to new 256gb SSD

Monitor not Recognized after Windows Update

problem with bitLocker

Windows 7 showing far less RAM than should be.

How do i customize start menu?

second Bsod while updating BitDefender (a sign?)

generic help for BSOD's

Can't login - lost USB kb support

New hard drive. Do I need a new Windows Licence?

Right-click + C to close from TaskBar. no more?

show all of hardware in before boot-up time windows

BSOD rendom netio.sys crushes

Windows Update Failed

Problems accessing libraries via homegroup

System tray settings don't stick

Can i autologon at startup and automatically lock?

BSOD error 0x0000000C4 after many attempts to resolve

My computer is not using all installed memory.

Turn off Windows Auto Update

closing windows with Alt + F4 puts focus on Taskbar -- how do I fix?

Don't want to inst. some updates but get notif.

Modify the Window Border Width

Wrong time on clock after windows re-install

Just DeCrapified My PC

BSOD within minutes of startup

Blinking Mouse Cursor and 6% Processor use

Realtek ALC887 suddenly decided to stop working at all.

Speaker jack works but the left (of 2 speakers) doesn't output sound

Security policy configurationwith Win pro

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